About Us

Epsilon Associates makes permits happen. Founded in 1997, our consulting scientists, planners and engineers bring that level of expertise and clarity clients need for successful project approvals. We support major Environment, Energy, Industry and Community projects across the northeastern United States, numbering over three thousand to-date.

We conceive effective permitting strategies based on depth of knowledge and focused analyses. Our principals, associates and senior consultants offer effective advocacy for our clients. Our scientists, engineers and planners are representative of the brightest minds in our fields. Together, we produce timely, concise regulatory filings backed by a credibility earned through constructive working relationships developed over many years and countless critical interactions.

Ninety percent of our work is with existing clients or comes through client referrals. This includes coastal, offshore, and marine clients; energy, industrial and transportation infrastructure clients; and major real estate development, commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. Depending on client/project need, our consulting services could include local, state, and federal environmental compliance and permitting – acoustics, air quality, real estate development, ecology, wind, our specialty niche in historic structures preservation planning – and more.

Clock tower
The clock tower at the historic Mill & Main Place in Maynard, Mass., where Epsilon is headquartered.

Our Values

We are in business to assist our clients by developing regulatory strategies, conducting environmental analyses, preparing effective permitting documents, and demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements. Our corporate vision, established by our founding Principals, is to be a leader in the field of environmental consulting. This vision is achieved through effective advocacy for our clients, providing high quality professional services, finding solutions that balance clients’ goals with environmental protection, supporting professional growth for all employees, and providing our services cost effectively. The core principles that guide our business to fulfill our vision are integrity, excellence, respect, teamwork, and dedication.

Integrity: We believe in conducting all interactions with integrity and honesty. Integrity is key to establishing and maintaining credibility with clients, the regulatory community, and employees.

Excellence: Superior performance is the hallmark we establish for all of our employees every day, “doing our best every day.” We strive to provide high quality professional services to meet our client’s goals, to arrive at solutions that balance our clients’ goals with environmental protection, and to support our employees’ professional growth.

Respect: Effective professional services are based on personal relationships. Therefore, treating all people with respect in all interactions – internal and external – is a key element to support all of our values and to achieve our vision.

Teamwork: Fostering effective collaboration with clients, internal team members, and regulatory staff yields better project outcomes. Building respectful relationships and collaborating with all team members is essential to achieving results for our clients, protecting the environment, and supporting employees’ goals.

Dedication: We are dedicated to complete all of our assignments to the best of our ability and we are accountable to one another to do our best work every day, “all for one and one for all.”

To see examples of our work in action, check out our Portfolio page.