Island End River Gets Uncovered

July 1st, 2021

From the clean-up of a former coal tar processing facility, to the emerging uses at the former Boston Market Terminal, for more than 20 years Epsilon has been supporting our clients’ redevelopment and remediation efforts along the Island End River in Chelsea and Everett. Most recently, Epsilon has been pleased to support The Davis Companies' efforts to transform the former Boston Market Terminal. A key component of the transformation process involves significant infrastructure improvements, including the daylighting of approximately 400 linear feet of the Island End River that, since the 1960s, has been confined within a culvert.

Island river end cropped
The Island End River

Full and effective functioning of the stormwater conveyance via the Island End River is critical to the management of stormwater flows: not just at the former Boston Market Terminal, but throughout nearby commercial and industrial areas in both Everett and Chelsea. In this case, the selected open-channel design will provide significant upstream and downstream flood mitigation and long-term durability. The newly daylighted segment of the river also provides important environmental benefits, including additional flood storage and velocity reduction, nutrient retention, increased infiltration, and aesthetic improvements.

Epsilon completed the project’s MEPA documentation and secured authorization for the improvements from MassDEP’s Waterways Regulation Program under Chapter 91.

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