Regulatory Approval of Emergency Generators

October 1st, 2021

Formerly used mainly for emergency lighting or other life-safety measures, natural gas or diesel emergency generators are becoming far more common in today’s market. In today’s fast-paced world, losing power for any amount of time can mean significant financial loss for any industry in which uninterrupted power is essential for businesses to provide their services effectively and profitably. For example, with the rapid expansion of the technology markets, standby emergency generators are now used to provide backup power to data centers full of sensitive computer equipment.

Emergency Generators
Emergency generators are essential for businesses to apply their services profitably and effectively.

Regardless of the application, the importance of emergency generators is obvious. However, what may not be so obvious is the regulatory requirements of an emergency generator. The permitting needs vary in relation to local or state air quality regulatory programs in addition to rapidly-changing federal regulations. Deciphering the permitting world can be tricky, so let our team of Professional Engineers and Certified Consulting Meteorologists apply their experience and skills to solve your complex and regulatory air quality compliance issues.

Epsilon has provided permitting services throughout its near 25-year history for numerous high-profile clients for their emergency generators including Tufts Healthcare, National Grid, and the College of the Holy Cross.

Is your facility thinking of getting an emergency generator? Does your facility already have one? If you answered yes to these questions and need help navigating the permitting process, contact us today!

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