Epsilon Develops Wildlife Hazard Assessments for Airports Throughout the Commonwealth

July 1st, 2020

Epsilon is proud of our role in helping airports throughout the Commonwealth remain compliant and safe. As part of this role, we have been helping airports produce Wildlife Hazard Assessments (WHAs). These plans are implemented by many airport operators at General Aviation (GA) airports to ensure safety. They help the airport operator identify features and/or activities on and near the airport that can attract wildlife, pinpoint the wildlife hazards to aircraft operations, and provide a recommendation of actions the airport can take to reduce wildlife hazards to air carrier operations. Many GA airports receive much-needed funding to implement WHAs through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as the FAA recognizes the importance of WHAs in identifying and minimizing the risks of aircraft-wildlife collisions.

Beverly Airport
Epsilon helps airports throughout the Commonwealth with Wildlife Hazard Assessments and Planning.

Having recently completed WHAs at Beverly Regional Airport, Orange Municipal Airport and Plymouth Municipal Airport, Epsilon's wildlife biologists are experts at producing WHAs. We collaborate with our airport engineer and GA airport partners to outline an appropriate, year-long monitoring approach to prepare a WHA. The assessments require on-site and off-site surveys in which we conduct small mammal and bird surveys. The data and information are analyzed to present trends in mammal and bird abundance and behavioral patterns, which are reported in the airport's WHA report. Upon the completion of a WHA, an additional step of a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP) may be recommended by the FAA. A WHMP identifies specific measures an airport can implement to reduce the risk of wildlife strikes. Aspects of a WHMP include responsible personnel, wildlife hazard deterrent measures, and procedural information that airport managers can then implement and update as necessary to maintain safety.

Beverly Airport Runway
Beverly Airport runway

Our staff is always pleased to help airports see successful results through a WHA and WHMP. We utilize our wildlife hazard expertise along with our understanding of the complex FAA requirements and standards to bring GA airports into compliance with federal, state, and local requirements. We integrate the specific needs of our clients to provide real-world answers to wildlife hazard management for successful results!

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