Coastal & Marine

Epsilon's coastal scientists have a unique understanding of coastal and marine environments and are experts at permitting a diverse range of coastal projects.

Coastal & Marine Services

  • Offshore wind
  • Coastal wetlands delineation and permitting
  • Geological, biological, and other marine investigations
  • Dredging and dredged material disposal
  • Shoreline change and coastal hazard assessments
  • Beach nourishment - erosion control
  • Chapter 91 analysis and licensing
  • Designated Port Area planning/permitting
  • CZM Federal Consistency Review
  • Water quality certifications
  • Expert testimony
  • Urban waterfront projects
  • Environmental and water quality monitoring

Any Questions?

Any particular questions regarding our coastal & marine services, please reach out!
Dwight Dunk, LPD, PWS, BCES Principal

Dwight Dunk, LPD, PWS, BCES


Freshwater & Coastal Wetland Ecology

Maria Hartnett Principal

Maria Hartnett


Offshore Wind

Erik Rexford Associate

Erik Rexford


Chapter 91


Coastal & Marine News