We apply our broad environmental permitting services and experience to a range of sectors in the industrial market including waste management, mining, construction, and manufacturing.

Epsilon's depth of services enables us to work with industrial clients from the start of a project through completion.

Our licensed professionals provide expertise and leadership for small- and large-scale industrial projects across a variety of sectors. They guide clients through the complex network of regulations to develop and execute customized solutions for project success.

Landfills & Transfer Stations

For more than 20 years, our professionals have assisted commercial, industrial, and municipal clients in obtaining environmental permits and approvals for solid waste facilities in various project life stages throughout the United States.

Solid waste facilities can bring a unique set of challenges; however, Epsilon’s team of air quality engineers, meteorologists, acoustic engineers, and scientists have successfully guided our clients through the environmental permitting processes needed by solid waste facilities. Our range of services including strategic planning, MEPA/NEPA documentation, emissions estimating, odor control services, acoustic monitoring and modeling, environmental justice and compliance services, and expert testimony.

Project Details Lynn Landfill Cap Repair
Lynn Landfill Cap Repair
  • Ecological sciences
  • Acoustics
  • Air quality
  • Odor control
  • Environmental justice

Sand, Gravel & Quarries

At Epsilon, we understand the complications of the mining sector and have the specialized experience in order to assist clients navigate the permitting requirements for this industry.

  • Acoustics
  • Air quality
  • EPCRA/TURA reporting

Our staff has experience working with facilities such as rock quarries, aggregate facilities, concrete batch plants, and hot mix asphalt plants. Epsilon’s primary service to this industry involves our acoustics services, where our acoustical engineers provide sound level measurement programs to ensure facilities achieve compliance with state and local regulations. We also support projects by performing emissions and EPCRA related reporting services for asphalt plants to comply with state and federal regulations.

Our acoustics team includes staff who are members of industry associations such as the New York Construction Materials Association, ensuring team members know the latest news and issues within this industry and are able to advise clients accurately through the permitting process.


During the construction phase of a project, Epsilon provides critical monitoring to ensure that progress occurs within permit conditions.

The construction industry can be challenging with various stages of construction bringing its own set of compliance issues. Epsilon provides construction monitoring and permit compliance services to a range of projects including roadways, railroads, bridges, airports, multi-use paths, and energy infrastructure projects. Epsilon’s scientists regularly serve as an on-site environmental inspector associated with these projects.

Our ecological sciences team encompasses Certified Erosion Sediment and Stormwater Inspectors (CESSWI), state-Certified and Professional Wetland Scientists (PWS), and is able to provide comprehensive weekly site inspections, coordination among the project team, communicating with regulatory agencies, and assuring compliance with all required permits.

In addition, our acoustical engineers provide Noise Control Plans for large construction projects. Our services include leading pre-construction baseline monitoring, sound level modeling, and technical studies in support of a construction project.

Project Details Gloucester Drawbridge
Gloucester Drawbridge
  • Acoustics
  • Ecological sciences


Epsilon has more than 20 years of experience providing environmental and consulting services for the manufacturing sector, including identifying permitting solutions and practicable approaches to the unique regulatory constraints associated with paper, aluminum, food product manufacturing, coating, and other unique industries.

  • Air quality
  • Acoustics
  • Environmental compliance
  • Environmental justice

Our experienced team of air quality experts and acoustical engineers are able to support this sector by providing a range of services such as developing air permit applications including Best Available Control Technology (BACT) analyses and negotiating air permits including Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permits. We routinely conduct air quality dispersion modeling, measure existing community sound levels, and conduct noise modeling. And to further help the sector we assist with stack testing, noise testing, and compliance services such as emission monitoring plans, environmental justice and compliance services, recordkeeping systems, SPCC plans, and other on-going compliance assistance as needed.

Project Details Confidential Client – Combined Heat & Power
Confidential Client – Combined Heat & Power
Project Details Confidential Client – Air Pollution Control
Confidential Client – Air Pollution Control

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AJ Jablonowski, PE


Air Permitting & Power Plant Permitting

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Dwight Dunk, LPD, PWS, BCES


Freshwater & Coastal Wetland Ecology

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Sound Level Impact Assessments