Real Estate & Commercial Development

Navigating the permitting process for real estate and commercial development projects can be challenging as projects are subject to a full multitude of federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Epsilon takes on this challenge and guides projects through these complex environmental regulations.

Our talented planners are knowledgeable about the implicit and explicit rules and regulations of the regulatory agencies allowing us to lead a range of projects successfully through the permit processes.

As a result of our excellent working relationships with staff at the regulatory agencies and our extensive planning experience, we are able to develop and implement cost-effective environmental analyses and permitting strategies.

We have a proven record of successfully permitting complex projects of all different types and sizes from small residential projects to some of the region’s biggest projects including Seaport Square, 115 Winthrop Square, Union Square in Somerville, and the Woo Sox Stadium in Worcester.

Boston's Article 80

Having managed the Article 80 process for more than 200 projects within the City of Boston, Epsilon is highly experienced at navigating the permitting process for development projects.

Our team of planners have extensive experience guiding projects through the Boston Planning & Development Agency's (BPDA's) Article 80 review process. We are adept at developing permitting strategies, conducting environmental analyses, and preparing the documents needed for Article 80 review. Our team of planners work closely with BPDA staff and have an excellent working relationship with the appropriate staff. We are knowledgeable about the Agency’s implicit and explicit rules and regulations enabling us to guide clients through the permitting process efficiently.

Project Details Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
  • Permitting strategy development
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Air quality impact analyses
  • Environmental justice
  • Noise impact analyses
  • Historic resources inventory review and research
  • Carbon Neutral Building Assessments

Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act

Epsilon has earned a strong reputation of successfully leading projects through the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) process.

Epsilon’s Principals and Project Managers have practiced extensively throughout Massachusetts and have brought projects of all types through the MEPA process. Our reputation as the go-to firm for MEPA work is based on a long track record of careful and diligent work, understanding of the process and its nuances, and an honest assessment of impacts, and workable solutions for mitigation.

Our extensive MEPA experience helps us to strongly advocate for our clients’ objectives while still meeting MEPA requirements so as to ensure a smooth and timely overall review process.

Project Details Polar Park
Polar Park
  • Environmental Notification Forms
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Notice of Project Changes
  • Advisory Opinions
  • Special Review Procedures
  • A range of technical studies including Greenhouse Gas Analyses

Chapter 91

For projects subject to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 91 and the Waterways Regulations (Chapter 91), clients know to retain Epsilon to lead them through this complex licensing and permitting regulatory process.

Licensing and permitting of coastal projects is a complicated process due to the number of permits and approvals required, one of which being Chapter 91. It is the Commonwealth’s primary tool for the protection and promotion of public use of its tidelands and other waterways. Epsilon has a talented team of coastal and wetland scientists, planners, and GIS specialists who have extensive and specialized experience successfully navigating these challenging and complex coastal regulatory permitting processes for both water-dependent and non-water-dependent projects.

Project Details Boston Harbor HEEC Cable, Boston
Boston Harbor HEEC Cable, Boston
  • Chapter 91 Waterways license research
  • GIS, mapping, and historic tidelands research
  • Chapter 91 jurisdictional analyses
  • Licensing and permitting

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Cindy Schlessinger Principal

Cindy Schlessinger


Local Permitting (including Article 80), MEPA, & NEPA

David E. Hewett, LEED AP Principal

David E. Hewett, LEED AP


Local Permitting (including Article 80), MEPA, & NEPA

Geoff Starsiak, LEED AP BD+C Principal

Geoff Starsiak, LEED AP BD+C


Local Permitting (including Article 80), MEPA, & NEPA