Fore River Bridge project construction

Fore River Bridge

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Epsilon provided environmental services during the design-build phase of the Fore River Bridge Replacement Project.


This bridge replacement project – undertaken by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Highway Division (MassDOT) – was part of the Commonwealth’s Accelerated Bridge Program. It involved replacing the existing temporary bridge with a new, vertical lift span bridge to carry Route 3A over the Fore River between Quincy and Weymouth.


Epsilon provided environmental services during the design-build phase of the Fore River Bridge Replacement Project. As part of the approval process for the project’s 401 Water Quality Certification, Epsilon prepared or revised the project’s Dredged Material Dewatering Plan, Dredged Material Off-loading Plan, Dredged Material Management Plan, and Water Quality Monitoring Plan.

Epsilon conducted a multi-year water quality monitoring program during in-water construction activities. Our scientists also assessed options for the reuse or disposal of the dredged sediments based on the dredged material’s physical and chemical characteristics. In support of the project’s upland construction activities, Epsilon obtained coverage for the project under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Construction General Permit by filing the Notice of Intent with U.S. EPA and preparing a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). A Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan was prepared as part of the SWPPP.

Epsilon’s team of acoustic engineers developed Noise Control Plans for each four-month phase of the project. Due to the proximity of residential neighborhoods to the project site, noise was a key issue during construction and operation of the replacement bridge and demolition of the existing temporary bridge. Epsilon collected ambient noise measurements and utilized the results to model impacts during each project phase and provide recommendations on noise mitigation requirements.


Replacement of the Fore River Bridge was one of the most significant projects undertaken through the Accelerated Bridge Program. Replacing this structurally deficient bridge provided a huge benefit to those who regularly travel in the area by creating a more reliable bridge to move between the cities of Weymouth and Quincy. We enjoy working to help improve transportation infrastructure big and small which in turn benefits the people of the Commonwealth.

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